The question of what an Airturb Model One Boost delivers? 1,000 kilowatt hours on an annual basis at a prime location in The Netherlands. To be a top location, the following aspects apply: no less than ten meters high or more and an unobstructed view (so no trees or buildings in the area). However, every country is different. 


But unfortunately it is not that simple. Even a meter difference in set-up can have an impact on the benefit and disadvantage of yield. The wind is not easy to catch. Measuring is knowing. That is why Airturb does not give guarantees but indications.

The effect of an Airturb is, in addition to generating green electricity with wind, the visual aspect of movement. This ensures that people become more aware of what they consume in electricity, but certainly also arouses interest in others. Although the Airturb Model One Boost is no danger to birds or other animals, it does scare them away.


The Airturb Model One Boost is an investment for next generations, knowing where your own energy comes from, not being completely dependent on energy suppliers and making a local impact by converting wind into self-used energy when the sun is not shining.